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Sunday, 12 December 2010

-344 Whoops - sorry God.

Photo by Paul
There are a number of benefits to living on my own I've discovered over the past 4 years. I can choose not to do the washing up until I am sick of it, I can stay up as late as I wish and not disturb anyone when I choose to eventually climb into bed, I can burst into song randomly and not be accused of disrupting the peace ;)

However it does come with some drawbacks. Such as if lets just say, if you in fact forget to set your alarm to get up for Church on a Sunday morning and then actually wake up to find out it isn't morning anymore ( in fact it is late afternoon ) - well - perhaps if there was someone in the flat with me wondering if I was indeed going to get up for Church or whom could be co blamed for not setting the alarm then this morning would not have happened. *blush*

Actually I can't really be sure what happened this morning. I could have indeed set my alarm and slept through it. I know at some point I did get up to take my migraine prevention medication and eat something so I think what I am facing today was the fact I had a whopper of a silent migraine and I just went into shut down mode. Not the first time it has happened. Nor will it be the last unless God does His total healing thing. :)

My head is tender, I feel odd and sleepy and I don't remember getting up today although there is evidence that I took the tablet, went to the bathroom and also had something to eat. Poor The Cat Empire didn't get fed until about 5pm when I peeled myself out of bed properly. ( Speaking of which can I blame the fact that yesterday I bought a high thread count Egyptian cotton doona cover to go with my high thread count fitted sheets? The doona cover is in white and as I fell into bed I felt like I was in a lovely hotel - bliss!)

So I am sorry that I missed Church this morning ( I look forward to it all week ) and refusing to think of that Bridget Jones quote about being dead and having her face being "eaten off by an alsatian" - :P


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