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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

-328 Packing my suitcase

Photo by Suzie B
It was about ten years ago - within the year 2000 that God introduced us to each other and ten years on we celebrate our fabulous friendship by going away on another holiday together - albeit this one is more laid back and closer to home. 

The four of us ( myself, Bestest Bud, Crazy Med Student & The Princess ) met because of Hong Kong but not all in Hong Kong. Some in Singapore, others in Sydney but yes all because God decided that however strange it may have seemed on the the surface to link the four of us together He knew what he was doing. 

I'm so blessed to have these women/chicks/girls in my life. Our friendship is timeless and lifelong. We can go weeks without talking although Skype and Facebook have helped us communicate a lot better these days it has only strengthened the bond between us. We have other friends but these three are the ones that I go to when I need a shoulder to cry on, a kick up the butt, a push off the crazy train, to share exciting news first to and to ask for prayer when I need it. 

It's the type of friendship that people write books and movies about. And I value it fiercely. It's been wonderful ( and amusing )  watching them fall in love and see how God has brought the perfect man for them into their lives and watch their unique love story unfold. I can honestly say I haven't felt jealous or resentful once for what each of them have. What I have felt though is that pang of 'When is it my turn God?' at each engagement and pregnancy particularly since two of them are much younger than I am. 'Times a wastin' God!' :P

But I never expected to have this type of friendship after The Real Ex and I broke up. This kind of supportive, non competitive, non judgemental, non jealous friendship was foreign to me and the opposite of what I was used to with female friends. There have been so many things that God has shown and blessed me with since he and I broke up all those years ago that I wouldn't trade for just any relationship. Which may explain why I haven't been in one for over a decade. I'm waiting for the right one. You see if God can give me amazing, wonderful friendships with these women/girls/chicks where I am cared about, supported, prayed for, accepted and dare I say it.....loved. Then how amazing will the right man that God is patiently waiting to introduce me to be?

I just have to wait on Him. 

And I will. 

And I'll just pack my suitcase tonight while I'm waiting ;)

Shall be blogging from the verandah from a lakehouse tomorrow !


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