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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

-348 Gah!

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Drawback of being an independent single woman such as myself?

Having to pay bills and ( er, fines ) on my own. *sigh*

My holiday leave loading comes in my pay tomorrow. And I just worked out by the time I pay the electricity bill that just came in ( which I am convinced is a made up number and my meter has not been read and yes it happens, and yes apparently they can 'guesstimate' ), a motorway toll fine ( faulty etag ), Strata levy & now a speeding fine ( *sigh* my first one ever ) and all the other regular bills, get my car serviced ( like I was supposed to months ago ), pay the balance of my holiday with friends over NYears and pay for those Christmas pressies ( that I had planned on for ages )...well let's just say there isn't much left of that Holiday leave loading. *sigh* 

But. That said. I am grateful to be in a job where I get leave loading, where I get paid in the holidays, that I have a roof over my head ( yes even though the bank owns most of it still I am still grateful ), that I have nice things, that I can buy presents for the people I care about, that I have the means to live on my own because I choose to. 

But most of all I am grateful to live in a country where I am free to worship God and live the way I do in freedom. Sure I might have one less demerit point next to my name now but I lost that point on my way to a Church music practice that didn't have to be hidden or in secret, where I didn't fear for my life. Tonight I pray for those who have to hide their faith or risk their life in doing so. 


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